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Common Grounds Café celebrated its 7th birthday just a few weeks ago!

What an adventure—seven years of coffee, broccoli salad, taco soup and stuffed French toast!

We have enjoyed getting to know the many wonderful people who are a part of the Common Grounds community and have loved serving the Middleburg area with unique food and drink options.

A wise man once said, “To everything there is a season…”

Over the past number of months, the season has changed for many of the café staff.  What this means is that most of our staff has gotten other jobs or moved on, and as the café owner, I have had to make the difficult but necessary decision to close the café.

There’s a saying that when God closes one door, He opens another.  We truly believe that to be the case here.

Common Grounds will close its doors on August 30th but we believe that there will be many open doors ahead—for us and for this community.

To honor our commitment to our customers, we want to give time to redeem any outstanding gifts certificates.  If you have a gift certificate, please visit us before August 30th.  If you can’t make it before that date, let us know and we will refund any remaining value.

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